Friday, December 17, 2010

white is the color of my day

Snow, snow, snow. Chances are good for a white Christmas

I stayed at home and spent the day with shoveling snow, feeding birds and making some spun cotton mushrooms.

Martha Stewart is sharing a video tutorial. I learned that making spun cotton Christmas ornaments is
an old German technique from the 19th century.

Like it! A fun and quick craft project and the expenses are almost zero.


Karen Kyle Ericson said...

These are great photos! I love seeing pictures of Germany because I've never been there. And I enjoy your designs as well. Have a great day!

Meeling said...

Love the spun mushrooms...those are so neat!

Wow...white Christmas for sure!!!
Not here in Southern California...but it is raining and cool which at least fits the season better than sunny, hot and 100 degrees!

Kristin L said...

Of course I love those mushrooms. I watched teh video and had to giggle when they talked about buying the candle clips on eBay. They were very easy to find at the Christmas markets and dollar stores in Germany! I still have a few, so maybe I'll need to get some glitter and make a few....

herzensart said...

Hi everybody, hope you enjoy your weekend. I will paint the mushrooms today.
@Kristin: yes these candle clips are not difficult to get here, but who knows for how long yet, as fairy lights almost have displaced real candles. But I was in a thriftstore some days ago and they had them in various colors and shapes. I bought white an pink ones :)

Lunacy said...

Klasse, was man aus mit ganz einfachen Mitteln alles zaubern kann.
Mir wär irgendwie auch mal nach einer Bastelstunde...mehr Zeit bräuchte man.
LG und dir einen schönen 4. Advent,

kattl said...

wunderbar deine sachen.
was hast du denn für materialien genommen um den pilz herzustellen? grundgerüst aus papier und umwickelt ebenfalls mit papaier und kleber? wie pappmaché?

einen schönen neujahressonntag noch :)

herzensart said...

@kattl: ich habe es genau so gemacht wie es in dem Video-Tutorial gezeigt wird. Sprich aus einer Pappverpackung den Pilzstamm und Hut geschnitten, mit Kreppband zusammengeklebt, danach das Ganze mit Watte umwickelt und mit verdünnter Acrylfarbe bepinselt.