Sunday, November 28, 2010

Julie Arkell

To me Julie Arkell is the queen of paper maché, which she uses to create a magical world of her own.

I just grabbed a copy of "HOME", Julie´s book

Since MANY years I haven´t played with paper maché, but now I SO would love to start right away.

Look at this amazing collection and display of little treasures!

Have a nice Sunday in Advent!


Lunacy said...

Ich wünsche dir auch einen schönen 1. Advent, sowie eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit.

Ulla V. said...

I have also loved Julie Arkell for some years now. Her work is so wonderful.

You should definitely start working with papmaché again. I'm sure that you could make wonders with it. :))

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

These are all so fun and inspiring. I haven't done paper mache' in years. There's so much fun to be had! Your embroidery is beautiful too. Thanks for sharing.

Kristin L said...

Happy Erste Advent to you too!

I would love shelves like those in the book!

Random Elephant said...

ohhh that display... I wish my NY apartment was a bit bigger than a shoebox! :)

anna wadham said...

looks amazing! :Dsh

netamir said...

This look beautiful! I think you should start working with papmaché again! I am curious to see the results, it make feel like give it a try by my self as well.

Video Interviewing said...

looking good,show us more plz,thanks fir share

misako mimoko said...

I love her work too, and her papier maché fake watches! they are so lovely.
(oh! I'm making some mermaids too, and two sinister guys, maybe they could become friends of your Jumping Jack ;P, hehe)

hope your family is better now ♥

Cyriaqe_L said...

Julie is a great artist ! I love what she creates and what is more, she is very nice. I met her last spring at Nantes, in a show where she signed her book. So magical !