Thursday, November 11, 2010

back in Bloggerland with some new bits

 Thank you so much for all your viking plate orders. A new bunch of plates is already on the way :)

Good news... the 1st German edition of ANORAK, the happy mag for kids,
will soon be released and can already be ordered here.

ANORAK asked me to share an item from my childhood, which you can see
on the German ANORAK blog if you scroll down a bit
German ANORAK website 

Babiekinsmag is a new children magazine

What to do about plagiarism? by Keri Smith
a helpful reading if you have to deal with this topic from time to time

More coming soon.


mizoal said...

ich freu mich drauf ;-)


lizzie said...

this is so lovely! congrats on the feature...i love the cover!

breugels said...

I like the word anorak.

Ro said...

That is a very, very interesting article about plagaiarism and creating in general. Very very worth reading, as well as the comments.
That is something we all creative people have to deal with everyday, and we are ofter on the other end of the line than we think... We should all be honest and loyal to ourselves when we create and (I know this is terribly difficult) be concious of what inspires and influence us even when we are creating in a fresh expontaneus way... I hope I explain mysef right...

Thank you for the link. Terrific.

(I love your influence over what I do, but sometimes is driving me crazy ha,ha,ha :D )