Sunday, October 24, 2010

a paper dedicated weekend

+ yesterday I visited a former paper mill, which is now a museum.
Don´t these paper maché doll  heads look kind of spooky? {some more pics on my flickr account}

+ found this link to generate free online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs, very useful I think

+ there´s a short article about 3 designers for children toys in the current issue of  
Burda Style magazine. Happily one of them is me

+ have you seen the beautiful papers in Camillas picture set "paper trade"

+ off to dig into some paper containers, before they are emptied tomorrow ;)


FeeMail said...

They doesn't look like paper maché!! they look like stone, don't they? at least in this picture...

Polina said...

for 15 years my mom is collecting Burda)i guess she will have this magazine soon)
congratulations that u are there!!!!

breugels said...

those doll heads are are really spooky.

Tracy said...

Hi! Cool blog! I found you because Blogger has you featured this week as one of their "Blogs of Note"! Congratulations!

Vincent GRESSI said...

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I like Vintage picture
Nice Vintage School France's Blog

Jack said...

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Sher said...

Ive seen you in artful blogging and a couple other Somerset publications. I am very happy that you can do your art regularly.

JC said...

They are very spooky! I remember making a surfboard totally out of paper mache when I was in junior high art class. Its messy and lots of fun.

Tolsmedia said...

I think these paper maché doll heads really looks like a kind of spooky..these are amazing..