Monday, October 11, 2010

it´s getting dark early again

the sun - early is she going to bed and getting up later at this time of year. Working with
aritificial light can be cozy but is also very tiring.
I wonder, when is the official clock change?

I was blown away by the number of blog visitors during last weekend. WOW, thank you,
hello and welcome!

Have a good start into the new week, lovelies
I´m getting in with a cup of coffee now


Saraf tasnim said...

Hi sandra...I like ur writings...keep up and best wishes for ur work:)

Kristina said...

Hallo Sandra,
danke für Deinen Kommentar! Wir sind auch echt froh, dass die Mary nun fertig ist- auf zu neuen Aufgaben!
Apropos: Hast Du noch Lust auf ein Schiff/Siebdruck-Experiment?

Wonderland said...

Hello Sandra!
I'm so happy to read your's so inspiring!
Have a lovely day!

kirst said...

hey! i was one of those weekend visitors and now im following! i love your blog, sandra
best wishes (all the way from new zealand) xo

Kippz said...

Awesome creativity! Keep it up. =)

elisa said...

I never know the time thing, but we will get 'real'time on sunday 30 oktober. 1 more hour in the night :)

Oberon said...

...i invite join globalove think tank.

Lizette said...

To a lovely week filled with creativity for you too:)

xFinancial said...

you work room is cozy, hmmm i like that . . . . but . . . . when you sleep at your workroom too? or just for working?

herzensart said...

Hi all, thank you for your kind words and interest in my little blog.

@Kristina: ich schicke Dir eine email.

@Elisa: thank you for the clock clarification!

@xFinancial: no, I don´t sleep in my workroom, this is my studio

budi setiawan said...

thats a good post...

let's make a fren :)

Smiley Nina said...

Hi sandra!
I love your writings and your work.
Hope you write a comment too.
you can fin it under:

Word Imp said...

It's exciting being made a Blog of Note isn't it? I remember when it happened to me. Suddenly I had heaps of visitors. Very warming. Enjoy!

Jayanthi Sreejith said...

Hi Sandra
Great Blog!, Reached here through 'Blog of Note'. Very innovative ideas.

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Farnell said...

great blog, love it

cuddlypoo.bubbles said...

i really love your stuff,, its so cute and adorable and makes me want to try something new too <3 ^_^