Wednesday, July 21, 2010

and now for something slightly different

This punk with stinkyfinger was one of my early dolls.

A while back Elisa left a comment on this blog and said, it would be nice
to have a little-punk-with-stinkyfinger-rubber-stamp

and I thought well, why not. Ok, in fact I thought, OMG that´s a FABULOUS IDEA

So here he is for all you punk hearted girls and boys out there :)

It´s really fun to use these paddy sticks (from Rico Design) and play around with colors

I only have a very small number of this stamp available at the moment,
which I´d like to offer exclusively on the blog

Print size: 6 cm in length, mounted on wooden block (4 x 7 cm)
Prize: 12 EUR plus shipping

If you want to stamp your town with a stinkyfinger punk too, please
send me an email to sandra(at)herzensart(dot)com

Thank you and a special thanks to Elisa!


Cyriaque_L said...

Elisa and you had a great idea ! Thats' a very funny and wonderful stamp !

herzensart said...

thank you Teddybear ;o)

nicki said...

der ist super!!! und wo kann man diese stempelfarbe haben? ...ich würde eventuell einen solchen punk bestellen...;0)

herzensart said...

@nicki: ich selbst habe meine mal in der Bastelabteilung eines Baumarktes gefunden. Sie heissen paddy Stempelstifte. Du findest sie auch in diversen Online-Bastelshops, oder auch bei amazon

ein HINWEIS für alle, die sich diese Stempelstifte besorgen möchten. Die Deckel auf den Stiften sitzen locker und fallen SEHR leicht ab, was die Stifte sofort austrocknet. Ich habe meine fest in eine kleine Tüte eingewickelt um die Deckel zu fixieren. Mit Tesa ginge auch, aber ist das ist mir zu umständlich

Anaïs said...

I never thought I would say that, but... this punk is sooo cute ! and real funny, too !

Heidi said...

Hi, I love your stuff :)
Made a blog post about all your lovely stuff - read it here

Kate Bruning said...

Hilarious. Is it strange I have a little crush on him?

herzensart said...

thank you all for you sweet comments.

Kate: you should have seen him blushing

Kena said...

Wow fun idea!
Lovely punk stamp.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

That is too funny!

ibb said...

They are great. Lovely.
And the amount of colour combinations is infinite.

Anonymous said...

Where do u get your stamps made? They are such nice quality. I have a problem finding a good stamp maker in the Netherlands.

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Rock on - these are fabulous! Love the colours you've used too :)

Jennifer said...

oh my god those are soooo cute!

Erica Eley said...

Do you have any more of these stamps left for purchase?


herzensart said...

Erica, they are currently sold out, but I ordered some more which I hopefully recieve by next week

Emma said...

Love it! :)

Nauli said...

Diese Stempelstifte sind ja toll... aber Dein Design noch viel mehr!