Sunday, May 30, 2010



**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Looks like the perfect Sunday...great pictures...the last photo is making me hungry!
Have a lovely afternoon.

Antje said...

Ach, dem süßen Laden kitsch deluxe habe ich auch schon einige Besuche abgestattet, wenn ich in Köln war. Ich habe dort Knöpfchen gekauft.

gasilhane said...

Much better than we had here in İstanbul. So I keep watching you:)

Jennifer said...

Where is that Kitsch Store??

And I was just wondering if you can tell where you get your post cards printed here in Germany? I'm looking to have some artwork done on some and don't know where to go here. I'm speaking of the ones you put in with an order with a thank you on the back. I like that weight paper. Thanks! Jennifer

P.S. I'm excited about getting my Viking Ship pillow in the mail!!!

herzensart said...

thank you all for leaving a comment. Hope you had a nice weekend too.

Jennifer, the store is in Cologne, Ehrenfeld quarter, Körnerstraße 26.
The cards I had printed here:
Glad you like them and the Drakkar hopefully too :)

kena said...

Wow nice and perfect sunday.
All pictures are wonderful.
Nice place, decorations and delights.
Hugs from Chile

ibb said...

Love your sunday photos. Shops, friends and cakes...great.

Anonymous said... die körnerstraße- wie schön- ich liebe sie....und das cafe sehnsucht- immer einen besuch wert...

verliebte grüße

melanie von menschenskind said...

Oh, all Deine Fotos sind ganz wunderbar und speziell diese machen mir großes Heimweh nach Köln. Muss dringend mal wieder ins Sehnsucht!
Liebe Grüße,Melanie