Sunday, March 14, 2010

home where and what are you?

this is the house of my great-grandparents and the place where my grandmother was born.
My family moved already before I was born and for a while nobody lived there.
Later my parents spent some weekends with friends over there.

my parents in 1967

Then the house was sold, but from time to time we came back together with my grandparents.
I remember my grandmother standing in front of the house and telling stories from the past.
Although the place changed over the years, she still felt a deep connection,
not only to the house and ground, but I think to her family´s past -
that´s what she called HOME.

Feeling some kind of "unsettledness" inside myself, I lately think a lot about what HOME is.

I´d like to know where or what do you call HOME?


Zirkuskind said...

home is where my heart is..

Smila said...

Zu Hause ist immer meine momentane Bleibe. Ich bin schon SEHR oft umgezogen, in einer Woche ist es wieder soweit. Deswegen ist Zu Hause keine Stadt und kein Land, sondern eine Behausung, ein Art innerer Ort.

Liebe Grüße, Smila

Jennifer said...

I have thought about this a lot in the past several years. In 2004 I sold our home after my daughters grew up and moved, and I changed cities. I have moved several times since, and still not found my home. Home is a place you create, where you set down your heart and your feet. It's a space that gives you comfort and retreat. I'm still looking - maybe this year I'll find it?

Melissa Crowe said...

Because I have _always_ moved a lot, no place has every truly had that meaning for me, but--as corny as this may sound--when I am in my husband's arms in our bed at night, wherever that may be, I'm home.

brett said...
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sixfrites said...

I have posted some of my previous "homes" in an older post on my blog:

Home is where my heart is - that is right, but I think I would rather put it as "I am bound to be my own home"...

gamommy2two said...

To me, home is where my friends are..where my children are...where my husband is. Home is where I feel the safest and most content in all the world. No "place" defines's more of a feeling, really.

Kristin L said...

Wow, so many comments that people move often. Me too. I used to think that California was my home because I grew up there. But then I moved to Germany for more than a decade. Although we lived in three different states there and five different apartments, I often feel like Germany is more of a home than the US is now. So much has changed since we left that I don't always feel very American. Of course, I was and always will be an Auslander in Germany too. My husband and I talk about where we might find "people like us" when it comes time to settle down and buy a house, but we're not sure where they are. I think though, when we find a community where we feel like we fit in, then we'll have found home.

herzensart said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!
I found this quote by Maya Angelou (author of the famous book "I know why the caged bird sings)

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

I think it´s an essential thing to find HOME, wherever this may be - inside or outside. For those of us who haven´t found it neither in the past nor in the present it obviously must be waiting somewhere in the future

Anonymous said...

Das Leben im Ausland hat mich ich gelehrt, daß ich doch sehr in meiner Sprache zuhause bin. Nicht all das sagen zu können, was und mit allen Nuancen, wie man es möchte, beschränkte mich sehr.

Räumlich fühle ich mich in dieser Stadt sehr zuhause. Sie ist "Wahlheimat", so häßlich und korrupt sie auch sein mag. Die Mentalität bekommt mir und sehe ich bei der Heimkehr das erste Mal die Domspitzen, fange ich an, pathetische Lieder zu singen. Und unser Zwergenhäuschen paßt da derzeit perfekt. Was nicht heißt, daß es nicht auch andere Sehnsuchtsorte auf diesem Planeten gibt.

Danke für den Gedankenanstoß,

Cyriaque_L said...

When I was a child I was lucky to spent some of my holidays in the house where my mother was born. This house was my mother's grand mother's house. A old small house in the countryside like I love. I wish to buy this kind of house one day. But not so easy for me as I move to a new town every 2-3 years. I have not find the good place yet !

Patty said...

I love old pictures, it's always great to find out stuff about your family. I moved around a lot as a kid so I guess I will have to go with "Zirkuskind" on this one.

elisa said...

That is a true dreamhome, but I'm sure the work on the farm was really hard. But the pictures are a dream, lovely parents :)

Home is in my heart and some days it's nowhere to be found. A little bird just flew in and out my open studio door,that made me smile. My high-school class mate came for a short visit. That instant feeling of comfort with old friends.
The space where I live I create the environment to be able to feel at home. But it's just the surface.

Love to you, may you feel at home everywhere you go. And thanks for the stamps and plate, they are so much fun.

Cindy said...

Looks like a grand old place.