Monday, January 18, 2010

Z like Zilu

zilu is a brand new online store carrying beautiful, handmade products, created by talented designers, artists and makers.

I especially love this brooch by studio mhl and the original spool vases made from porcelain by Mara Skujeniece

Amongst others you also find the cute posters from Studio Violet and some herzensart items as well (proud :)

Have fun browsing and shopping!


honi mun said...

Viel Erfolg! Ich freue mich ^_^ Ich gehe gleich zur Seite! Grüsse.

ibb said...

Lovely link! Thanks.
Here there is no snow left...miss the light of grey rainy days...need some colours too

mlle a. said...

Glückwunsch! :)
(Netter Zufall: In der neuen 101woonideeen gibt es eine Anleitung für eine DIY-Version der Paketbandvase/-utensilos.)

Kristin L said...

Such lovely and elegant things. Zilu looks like a good venue for Herzenart.

Beth said...

such pretty things!