Thursday, January 14, 2010

winter blues

covered by snow everything looks really nice, but I´m
longing for sun and colors again

How about you?


Barbara Prime said...

Your photo of the pots made me laugh out loud :D
We have at least another 3 months of winter here, so I try not to think too much about Spring, but the seed catalogues are so tempting!

randomroxann said...

Love the pots. I don't have that much snow, and I still long for spring.

Musenkind am Meer said...

the same feeling!

Cornelia vom grauen Meer

Aleutie said...

Ditto! But your photos are delightful :)

moetjatja said...

the same for me, it is a tough job bycicling with three children through the snow! My son mentioned it looks like we live in an old movie (black and white). Love the pot-photo!

little t jane said...

the pots are fantastic! oh i love it!!! :D thanks for the warming sunshine of laughter!

rosa p. said...

als echte wikinger mutter.. müsstest du doch schnee lieben??

aber ich versteh dich gut. ich mag ihn. den schnee. auf deinen wunderbaren bildern!

aber nicht vor meiner haustüre. wenn ich ihn wegschippen soll.

herzliche grüße

von rike.

matilda said...

I don't like winter..cold, white, monocromatic, boring. Viva summer!!

Leslie said...

that's a great picture of the pots!