Tuesday, January 26, 2010

small & square

the dear ladies from my post office asked if I could make a viking coin tray for them

This one won´t be the last. It is also cute for holding sweets
or business cards and other small items.
The plate stands on 4 small feets, the size is 17,5cm x 17,5cm
More info on my website


Kasa said...

It's beautiful!

Wendi said...

I love it!

elisa said...

You make me realize that it would be really cool to be a toilet lady, bring on the crochet, smile and collect the coins.
Birthday list item :)
Have a warm heart week, love.

inge said...

very nice!

Kristin L said...

How cool! It's almost like he's daring you to take the coins. They don't really do coin trays here in the US, and they definitely don't have toilet ladies -- which is too bad in a way because the european toilet ladies do often have lovely little vignettes to encourage you to leave a few coins.

doro K. said...

great and unique.
a very adorable design.


Jagentin said...

I really love your work.
The vikings are so unique and the new plate is wonderful. Think I´ll buy one for my sister - it´s the perfect gift.
Happy V-Day from Luebeck!
Eva alias Jagentin