Tuesday, September 08, 2009

weekend review: Aachen

last weekend a trip to the European arts and crafts market
in Aachen where I found this cute salt and pepper shakers from farbton-keramik (their site is only in German)


PilliPilli Handmade said...


That looks like a lot of fun!

Could you let me know when it's organized next, as I'd love to go too!


meyer said...

Wir waren auch da! Wahrscheinlich waren wir aber immer gerade im Printengeschäft, als du vorbeigelaufen bist... :)
Gruss Anne

bastisRIKE said...

die streuer sind wirklich huebsch ... und aachen wohl auch ...

auf der seite von farbton keramik finden sich wirklich schoene dinge. nur schade, dass die seite selbst dem nicht so richtig nachkommt. da juckt es mich immer in den fingern ;)

Marga said...

Hola Sandra! I went to Aachen a couple weeks ago and I loved it! Margui had a great time running all over downtown. I wish I could have gone to the crafts market!
Un beso!

elisa said...

Cute salt&peppar shakers, never a dull meal :)
I forgot the market, maybe next year.
Happy times to you.

Gabriele Antonini said...

Lovely Blog!!!

Jim said...

Looks like an aweosome place, heard the Gothic town hall is quite interesting to see. Just used http://www.dertour.co.uk/ to book my holiday, hope its worth it.

Sandra Monat said...

Hi Jim, wishing you nice holidays! Depending on how long you stay you could also make a trip to Maastricht (Netherlands) or Cologne. Both is not so far from Aachen.