Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everything lives and has a soul

update: "what I wore today"


the more days I spend on this planet, the more I know that everything lives and has a soul.

Maybe a last "what I wore today" drawing later that day.

I will be off a few days for a family visit.

Have a good time and see you again next week!


Natascha Rosenberg said...

Oh! These are very nice people!!

karin said...

Das gefällt mir.
Daß die Dinge, die uns umgeben eine Seele und einen Charakter haben,ist irgendwie eine nette Vorstellung :)

becca jo said...

love it! i think lots of artists find faces in strange places :)

the 'what i wore' series is wonderful!!!

Graça Paz said...

WOW... stylish woman!!

püppilottchen said...

ach, ich mag die kleinen gestalten, die du in der natur entdeckst!


Jingle said...

too cute! ♥