Sunday, August 16, 2009

a formula for happiness

Love to play with papers again. My perfect, worthwhile evening occupation
instead of watching TV (although it´s running in the background....) and most important
it makes me happy! My little, personal formula for happiness these days goes like this:

papers + scissors + glue = happiness

Regarding happiness:

"Sandy [Alexander Calder] was never, in all his long life, unhappy.
He himself said that he had "a big advantage" as he was inclined to be happy by nature.
Once a magazine reporter asked him if he ever experienced sadness, and he answered, "No, I don´t have the time."

When I see him roaring here, I believe him.

from the book "Alexander Calder and his magical mobiles"]

A book I would love to carry with me everywhere.
Seems it has some magic in itself, by giving off the sweet smell of inspiration,
feeling of light-hearted- and carefreeness and allowance to play.

What´s your formula for happiness these days?


yasu said...

oh thank you for this post. it makes me positive. i love what calder said. a great way to live. love your work. saw them in 'play all day' too.

Kristin L said...

I love that Calder had no time to be unhappy. We should all use our time so well! My personal formula is quite similar to yours: thread + cloth + alone = happiness

Teresa said...

Looking at your fun, sweet, creative website is a way I turn a day a bit brighter.

Graça Paz said...

Inspiring reading,thank you...

Heather said...

how is it that you are so amazingly talented?
love it!

Margie Oomen said...

sea stones + vintage crochet cotton + tiny hook + porch + kitties = happiness
I firmly believe that we adults need to tap into our imaginations and play, play, play
I love Calder and it just so happens his circus show is coming to Toronto in September.

eh.mio said...

i adore your paper works! well actually your softies too :)

Apifera Farm said...

Oh I love this quote from Calder. I was lucky enough to see his 'circus' at one of the NYC museums when I lived there.

All your posts are so inspiring!!!