Tuesday, April 07, 2009

spring window and "Play all day" book

new little window installation "free the birds"

I had started the "free the birds series" already a while back. These birds are based on a digest from " The Banyan Deer", a Buddhist legend

"... I shall free the birds. They may now fly freely throughout my real. No man shall hunt them again. Then may they build their nests in peace..."

Being able to fly made the bird from ancient times to a symbol for freedom. Figuratively the bird stands for the human soul, free spirit and a self-determined life, with all it´s possibilities.

In this spirit: free the birds...


I recieved my copy of the "Play all day" book. I love it, such a great collection of wonderful stuff for children.

Lizette Greco, or Grecolaborativo

Elisabeth Dunker

Atelier XT

guess you know this one :)


mlle a. said...

The installation looks great; a good example that one doesn't need a lot of preps (besides a good product) to create a great shopping window deco.

Congratulations on the book!

Friederike! and Sandra said...

thank you! :)

Beate Knappe said...

eine wunderschöne Stimmung bringt dein Fenster zu mir - wir sollten unsere Käsekuchenverabredung vom letzten Jahr vielleicht in diesem Jahr haben, damait ich ein wenig von dem Spirit "free the birds" aufsaugen kann.

elisa said...

Compliments! On both, the window and book. Congratulations on the book.

I just love your black shoes :)

Die Schaubude said...

ich liebe dieses theme ; )

Marieke said...

What a lovely window installation this is

阪戸美穂 Miho Sakato said...

hello from Tokyo!

i love your work.

and, i have this book. very very nice:)