Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cheiron - the good and wise Centaur

[Cheiron also spelled Chiron or Kiron]

The immortal "Beast Divine", half horse, half man.

Cheiron was raised by the twins Apollo (Phoebus) & Artemis (Diana) who taught him medicine, hunting, music, astronomy and many other arts. As an infant, Athena placed her hand on Cheiron's forehead and imbued him with extraordinary intelligence. Being a centaur Magnete, Cheiron was famous for his goodness and great wisdom.
He and his wife, mother and children lived in a cave on mount Pelion in Thessaly.

It is said that Cheiron was accidentally grazed by a blood-poisoned arrow. Being immortal, Cheiron was unable to die, yet, despite his vast medicinal knowledge, he was also unable to cure himself ("Physician, heal thyself"). Finally, in an act of selfless determination, Cheiron gave up his immortality in exchange for Prometheus' freedom.

Chiron is also the name for a minor planet or asteroid(?) number 2060 discovered by astronomer Charles Kowal on All Saints Day, November 1st, 1977.
Astrologers believe that Chiron's discovery was foretold and that in the Age of Aquarius it is a great omen as the Wounded Healer. Its orbit represents a higher wisdom (7x7=49), its placement represents a connection between our solar system (Saturn) and the outer universe (Uranus), and as the wounded healer he represents

"finding the answer from within oneself."

text passages from Rich´s Pegopedia

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Pilli Pilli said...

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I love this one! His beard is great, and he looks soft and cuddly. I was wondering why he has his eyes closed?

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Amazing, beautiful fabrics, great results.

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He's beautiful! He has such a wise and amiable face.

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Mana Mana (ti ti tititi…)

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I'm IMMENSELY fond of Chiron. Also represented in tarot as the hermit, a card people tend to dislike, but i love.

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