Monday, October 20, 2008


Hello new week, I will dedicate you to the sewing machine again, which has not seen me for the last days. The paper works had taken possession of my time and thoughts.

Odo of Saint Amand is leaving today, followed by Hakan the Broad Shouldered. Sad thing ;o)

After I´ve finished reading the "handmade Nation" book yesterday, I wonder if there are any annual craft fairs and events taking place in good old Germany like Renegade or art vs.craft , just to name a few . Dear crafty German readers if you know events like these please let me know. Thank you!


Lucy in the Sky said...

In Berlin gibts einmal im Monat einen Markt - siehe

viele Grüße!

Laura B said...

I love the packaging just as much as the making and wondering about the new homes my goodies are going to. Great photos from your weekend, love the artistic table decoration :)

Paperama said...

Hallo Sandra! Schön endlich mal jemanden in der Online Craft Community zu entdecken, der auch aus Köln kommt :-) Das Buch hab ich mir grad bestellt. Von Trendmafia in Berlin hab ich auch schon gehört und Anfang des Jahres gabs glaub tatsächlich auch mal einen Markt für Handgemachtes hier in Köln, den ich aber leider verpasst habe...
Liebe Grüße, Kathrin