Wednesday, October 22, 2008

fabrics again

surrounded by fabrics again ~ and the day is filled with cutting, sewing, embroidering...

Margie from Canada sent me a bunch of vintage treasures a few weeks back. I love them all, but until now I did not have the heart to cut them in twain. Check out Margies beautiful covered sea stones.

I love the stationary by kasaa and have to order some of her cute airmail stickers. Besides her etsy shop, Katrin has a Dawanda shop for German or European customers as well


Alissa Nicolau said...

Oh what I'd give to be a fly on your shoulder while you sew!

I love your photos.

Laura B said...

This little critter looks exciting! The vintage fabric looks so pretty, I understand your reluctance to snip it up!

elisa said...

I love how the stripes of your sleeve match with the stripes of your doll.
Bless your hands!