Monday, September 29, 2008

creative kids

this is Thurman O'Herlihy, 9 years old and at his second art show (found through handmadenation)

and these are 2 members of the incredible grecolaborativo, "a full family collaboration, a couple creating with their young daughter and son."

See-through Predator from robertogreco on Vimeo.

I´d love to create with kids. From time to time I am thinking about giving toy making classes for children. But I´m not sure at all if I have "teaching" skills. Guess that´s one of the things one has to try to find out.

happy creating!


shula said...

I think you have everything you need.

Teaching skills aren't what matter, especially with art. It's more about letting it go, and enjoying the ride.

I used to do it years ago. We'd go in with some kind of theme, and a few materials, and the kids would just run with it. My job was simply to help them with whatever it was that they wanted.

Immensely satisfying. I love the 9 year olds the most. So creative.

Anonymous said...

Why don't give it a try?

You have to be enthusiastic about what you are doing. That shouldn't be a problem for you... And you have to find the balance between teaching the needed technical skills and letting them develop their own ideas, even if the outcome does not meet your expectations at all.

And be prepared for a big mess!

I think you would be wonderful at it and it would be great fun for everybody. If you need some guinea-pigs, I have two very willing kids here, who would love to work with you.

Big hugs! Elke

Friederike! and Sandra said...

thanks to the both of you for your trust in my skills and your encouraging words. Maybe I´m giving it a try...