Wednesday, August 06, 2008

how to create a vision (without going into the woods)?

Since twenty years Marie Willey keeps a black and white postcard showing an old house. It´s been her dream house ever since. Now she is living in a house very similiar to the one pictured at the old postcard. She still keeps the card, leaning against the mantelpiece in her house... This I read in an article a few days ago.

I´m convinced that a concrete vision helps us to get what we want to achieve. But how to create such a vision?

I often feel drawn into many directions at the same time, I want to be an independent artist, I want to be a successfull business owner, I want to be a mother to a child, I want to live in the desert with no neighbors around me, I want to live in a vivid city with cultural life, etc. etc.

While I was travelling in my mind to the NMAC foundation a few days ago, again so many overwhelming ideas and dreams were brought up, it was all confusing. But I also recognized that at the end I could divide all these unsorted thoughts, ideas, wishes into three categories: my life, my art and myself.
I decided to make 3 books (shown above) which shall help me to sort my head out. I began filling the pages by writing, scribbling, gluing pics in - it becomes a collection of my ideas and dreams but in a categorized way.

The next thing I made is a vision board. I used a simple cork pinboard, which I painted white. This will be the place to visualize the essence in pictures, which I´m hoping to find and therefore to create an image of my personal vision.
For sure this all is an ongoing process and needs time to develop. I also know a vision can change due to living circumstances and some slight corrections may be neccessary. But doesn´t that make a pinboard to the perfect vision creating tool? :)


Beate Knappe said...

Tolle Idee - die 3 Bücher - und ja, lass dir Zeit, sonst kann es sich nicht entwickeln. Ich mache das auch von Zeit zu Zeit mir meine Zukunft visualisieren und ja, es ist so, das manche Dinge sich auch realisieren werden, früher oder später....
Wünsche dir viel Sonne und Erfolg !

deedeen said...

I love the idea (and I love notebooks, so...). But for you, what is the difference between "my life" and "myself"??

herzensart journal said...

danke Beate :)
@deedeen: I can give you some examples. In "myself" I packed those thoughts/dreams that belonges to body, mind and soul. examples: learning yoga, eating more healthy, but also making my own clothes, etc.
in "my life" you find topics like where and how do I want to live, how do I want to spend my spare time, etc.etc

elisa said...

Dreams make visions, enjoy yours.
The pinboard is great, but do we ever find the perfect photo's for our visions? It's with our own hands we make dreams come true.

Wish you the best fun and may lots of your visions be real.
Love, xxx

bogi said...

I think you're on the right way to find out yourself and I really look up to you doing this. I love the perfection and methodicalness you display here.
Thank you for sharing :-*

herzensart journal said...

@elisa: I don´t think that we find OUR vision in the pictures that others have made. Otherwise we only would copy the life, art, etc. of others. Often it is only a fragment in a picture that speaks to me, attracts me. I like the thought of using them as a symbol- It´s only me who knows for what reason I choosed this picture and what it stands for.

herzensart journal said...

@Bogi: try it, it´s fun!

das Musenkind said...

Die Gedanken von gestern haben uns dahin getragen wo wir heute sind. Die Gedanken von heute formen unsere Zukunft!
Es bleibt spannend! Und mit Deiner Ausdauer, Beharrlichkeit, Phantasie und Kreativität wird Dein Garten erblühen!

Deine Cornelia

Die Schaubude said...

Hallo! Das ist eine ganz wundervolle Idee! Diese drei Kategorien sind alles, was man braucht! Seine Gedanken zu sortieren bringt Ruhe in den Geist....Ich schreibe auch gerne alle Dinge auf, die mir in den Kopf schießen ....Manchmal ist es ein Duft, manchmal sogar ein Geräusch, welches Inspiration bringt und wenn man dann zu Hause ist und die Idee umsetzen möchte ist der Duft und das Geräusch fort und es ist schwierig die Inspiration wieder kehren zu lassen....von daher ist die Unterteilung der Notizbücher nahezu genial! Danke dafür ....ich denke meine Wochenendbeschäftigung ist somit offensichtlich :)
LG Tanja

Knitsonya said...

What a wonderful idea. I've come to the idea of manifestation rather late - resisting because it seemed too new-age hippy or late-night self-help program. But there is something to be said for lists and imagining and thinking and all those things becoming a reality.

Laura B said...

I have just found your blog through and am so inspired by this post. I often get all my goals muddled up and get stuck, so I am going to your separate book and pinboard idea. Thanks!