Saturday, July 26, 2008

a homebuilding process

postal address : cloone, co. leitrim, ireland.

wouldn´t it be nice to have an address like this? no postal code, no street name, no number. Yesterday while spending the evening outside with my husband, we were discussing about the growing energy costs and how great it would be to be independet, autarkic and building a simple, low-cost house. The upper picture and address is the home of architect Dominic Stevens. It is one of my favorite and most inspiring home and living models. After Stevens and his wife had to move out of their appartement in Dublin, they decided to buy an undeveloped real estate on the country, where at this time land was "cheap as chips", as he said. Starting with an old refrigerator container which he remodeled and now functions as his bureau, Stevens built a kind of a LEGO house, where he is working and living with his family. Several boxes followed over the years, depending on the family´s life circumstances and needs. A homebuilding in progress.

"I run a one-person practice from rural Ireland. I divide my time between architecture, caring for my children and growing food. Just as I believe that buildings are inextricably linked to the lives that happen in them, my practice as architect is bound closely to my consciousness as father and farmer. My office is not a citadel protected by expertise, rather, it has fertile edges that actively absorb the life that surrounds it. I carry out one building project at a time informed by ongoing theoretical work!"
Dominic Stevens (website under construction)


Margie Oomen said...

Hi sandra, I think we are blog connected this saturday. I just finished my blog post about putting the eco back in economy and the origin of the idea of economy and self sustainability . My husband and I are looking to buy a small organic farm sometime in the near future when we find the right one.

herzensart journal said...

your plans sound heavenly Margie! Good luck with the farm hunting!

shula said...

Isn't it just beautiful.

neta said...

It's looks perfect Sandra, wish I could live in place like this.