Monday, March 24, 2008

Milk Magazine Hong Kong

there is an article about us in the new issue of Milk Magazine Hong Kong, which is a magazine about fashion, culture, design, trends, music etc. They stumbled upon our work and contacted us by email. It was very uncomplicated to work with them. I like how they arranged everything. How curious to see our works described in this exotic, beautiful Chinese characters, which I unfortunately can´t read. I´m looking forward to some copies of the magazine, they sent away today.
A special thanks to my dear artist friend and talented photographer
Bogi Bell, who made the great pics with the kids on the first 2 pages and allowed the publishing. Another big THANK YOU goes to the sweet and patient models Paulina and Paul.

Let me tell you although some of you have sent me emails, I´m missing your comments and feedback. It´s a strange experience and feels like being cut off from you.