Tuesday, February 26, 2008

unsorted bits

MANTRA: I can organize my stuff, I can organize my stuff, I can organize my stuff, .....

I´m working hard to get a few things finished, that I had to put off since long.
Besides I´m busy with a great art project with artist from around the globe, that was initiated by Kirsty Campion alias Lolli b chie, a publisher is involved as well....

Eric Bloodaxe arrived at his new destination in
Book by it´s cover: a great site which shares wonderful books about design, art, handmade, children, etc.


elisa said...

You can organize! How great drawer you have. It reminds me of playing post office as a child :-)
The best part is that it will be in time unorganized again. And if you need some time to let your thoughts get clear again, you will have a nice little job :-)

For your copycat; How Ugly! in lots of ways! (*bad sex forever...*)

Love and don't let uglyness let you down, you are the beauty giver!
Hug, xxx Elisa

belula said...

Your dolls are unique...nobody would have to copy them!.

Thank's to you!. XXX

Kristin L said...

Your dolls are much more refined than the copycat -- it's obvious that yours are the original. And kudos to Belula for calling her out on the blog post!

Bernadette said...

ich bin gerade sehr verzweifelt dabei mir "Bloglines" zu erschließen. Aber wie? Wieso steht bei manchen "keine RSS-Feeds?", warum haben manche auf der Seite ein blaues oder orangenes B und ich nicht und wie hast du es geschafft, mit Bild dort zu erscheinen? Da ich dich dort entdeckt habe und daher annehme du bist sowas wie ein "Ober-Blooger" trau ich arme Anfängerin mich dich hoffnungsvoll zu fragen!

GLG Bernadette

cally said...

yes yes, organisination. I need the same mantra, the urge to spring clean and sort my world into colour coded tubs is growing beyond my actual energy to get it done, but i save old food tubs for the day i can begin!