Saturday, January 05, 2008


I´m back to work and finished a pattern yesterday for a new book which will be published later this year. We (Sandra and me) are still trying to find a way better to deal with this small studio, it´s not even half the size of our former ones and although it´s cozy, sometimes we are missing space. A sheep and a girl sitting so close together need space, which seems to be lacking, especially in winter times when we have to keep the windows to the garden closed. Working with windows wide open in summertimes makes one feel sitting in nature and the room seems to be wider.

The place where I life and create is very important, the world around me, the atmosphere, the light. There must be harmony between myself and the surrounding, otherwise I cannot work. (said designer Antonio Marras in an interview a few days ago) How right he is.

So that´s it: trying to find harmony in this given, available space by organizing things better. Sorting out (again) unneccassarily things, deco-, furniture- stuff which is of no real use and only space wasting.

But first I need a final kick into the ass, by browsing in books, looking at amazing studios of artists, who obviously have better talents in organizing and have created their perfect surrounding already. If you have any great pics of well organized studios to share, that gets one to start
immediately....they are highly appreciated.
studio of Catherine Willis (from the book: " Der Garten der Kuensterlin")

studio and home of Yuri Kuper (from the book "natural style")

and this beautiful, romantic garden entrance is part of "Villa Magica", the home of Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury. (from the book: " Der Garten der Kuenstlerin")


neta said...

I have just the same problem, my working space is the tiniest and the worst organized ever.

shula said...

Are they ever big enough, do you think?

I thought mine was enormous when i first moved in. Now I am jammed to the rafters.

elisa said...

I'm sure you're space is going to be as enchanted and beautyful as the studio's you have showed. Remove the clutter and open your windows, and let the fairies play with you.

püppilottchen said...

yep - das problem kenne ich nur zu gut! und du hast im sommer wenigstens einen garten vor der tür! (ist ja für so´n schaf auch echt besser, da kann man dann in ruhe gras mampfen und vor sich hin kötteln, ohne, dass "frauchen" gleich meckert...)
ich wünsche dir viel erfolg beim umsortieren & organisieren!! und ansonsten hat flickr da ja auch eine menge inspirationsmaterial zu bieten.

lg, nicola

Annika Sandin said...

Well, we don't want you to fall out because of lack of inspiration, space and light. Wish you all the best to find the right place or to re-do the place you've got to make it perfect. Good Luck!!

xt said...

first ,i´m an admirer of António Marras!second i have a book for you!!not about organization,but the caos of an artist workspace!and when you see it you are going to want the hall collectiob!

scroll down the page until you find"atelier de Paris"
Bougth it!!it´s an order!!and after that you are going to want hall!!!



shepherdgirl said...

I think Studio spaces are like living, breathing things - Mine is still in 'transition' from when we moved here in 2004! It is the biggest studio I've ever had, but the sheetrock still needs to go up [I hope this spring] but I find storage needs are constantly changing as I switch mediums, or project focus. And the dust!!!! Living on the farm, it's horrible the dust.ANyway, these studios look wonderful.