Wednesday, January 09, 2008

postcards and co.

studio cleaning finished.... some things live in the cellar now, I hope they will rest there.
So no excuses anymore to not going back to work. I urgently should spend time (and money) into making some printing materials, such as new postcards and marketing materials in general. But what makes sense? Flyers, catalogs, or even a press kit?... Found an interesting article about how to prepare for a wholesale show on a blog with the nice subtitle "the Collision of Art and Business". If you are interested too, you can read it here
Do you have a press kit?
First a cup of coffee and enjoying amazing linen swatches I recieved today... (from "die Leinenweber" ) Then we´ll see....


shula said...

Whatever you decide, I'm quite sure it will be divine.

shula said...

ps. I use postcards and fridge magnets.

cindy said...

Thank you for the link
I am just working on a wholesale list for a local shop
and you have inspired me to make it a little differently
i love your work and your blog is always a nice visit

Beate Knappe said...

I like your -and I like to read your blog, therefore I give you the "make my day award".

Florence said...

Hmm great linen :-D

I have postcards and I was thinking of doing up a few promotional books of images of the toys using that site via flickr but I'll be leaving that until a bit later to use as introductions to targeted retailers.
And now that I have the website up I have all my wholesale lists (in four currencies) on my website. I give out the link (based on country of origin) when I receive wholesale enquiries.

When doing shows the postcards have been very good - easy for people to pick up as they stroll past or to activate a conversation as you make sure you give them one...some people done realise they can just take one and besides it is always best to help people into the direction you want they to go ;)

Thanks for the Happy New Year and congrats too. Let's hope we all have a good year!


xt said...

very interesting article,thanks