Sunday, January 27, 2008

one night in Amsterdam

"sleeping with" Van Gogh
hotel "lobby". We were lucky to stay in a cute, colorful hotel, called "the times hotel" on the beautiful Herengracht. and what a fortunate coincidence.... we found out that this amazing shop was just around the corner, led by 2 very friendly guys. You can see the FANTASTIC dolls of Heather Louise in the window. I had talked to her only 1 day before we left to Amsterdam and I was so curious to see her dolls in real. What can I say, I´m in awe! I´d love to come back when the trees are green
Amsterdam I love you! A few more pics, here


elisa said...

Hope you had a fun time. I'ts a great city, don't you think? Did you go to the Stedelijk museum also?
Friday I'm on my way to Alkmaar, I could go earlier and make a visit. Mmm, maybe! And be honest it's just great to be home in the country :-)
Love, Elisa

Friederike! said...

Hi Elisa,it was such a nice trip. The city is great, but who would swap living in Lohmar-Heide for living in Amsterdam? :D
We didn´t make it to the Stedelijk, as we were so busy to walk through this city (btw. I found the ABC bookstore, wow - what a great collection of books. They even had Keri Smith... but the craft book store I couldn´t find. Maybe it doesn´t exist any more? )and then suddenly we hadn´t enough time left. So the museums are on my list for our next Amsterdam visit in about 15 years ;)
I´ve googled Alkmaar, it seems to be a holiday region. Right?
Have a wonderful time there and tell me how the museum visit was, if you should go there :D
Love, Sandra

Fliegenpilzchen said...

Du hast einen wundervollen und interessanten Blog zugleich.Total schö allermeisten aber liebe ich Dein blaues Schaf,es ist einfach zuuu herzig:-))
Das Hotel in Amsterdam sieht seeeehr einladend aus,wir waren letzten Sommer in Holland u.a. auh in Amsterdam.I Love it!!!
Darf ich Dich verlinken??:-)
Liebe Grüße

Nic said...

oooooh sandra, das sieht so gut aus! :o)

und das verursacht noch mehr vorfreude auf einen amsterdam-trip, den ich zusammen mit einer freundin für den mai plane!

danke! :o)

liebe grüße

Annika Sandin said...

Oh how cool! I will keep that hotel in mind just in case I go back to Amsterdam.

debi van zyl said...

you trip looks so lovely.. the colors, the shop, the hotel, everything. So nice to be a train ride way from from such a beautiful city!

I am also passing on a tag to you... if you want and have time,
"Show me a special something (if you like), some thing that is important or beautiful or meaningful or full of
memories for you - or all of that - and tell me about it."

tonja_raeubertochter said...

ich wünschte, ich wäre dort gewesen. so schön! ich liebe es auch eine stadt zu fuß zu erkunden, an jeder ecke kann man was entdecken...

bis bald

shula said...

Isn't it just the best?

It's on my list of top 5 cities I'd like to live in.

Tatjana said...

Der wundervollen Ortefinderin ein Danke für den Hotel-Tipp!

Holländische Luft schnuppern hatten wir auch für dieses Wochenende in Erwägung gezogen, jetzt werden wir aber stattdessen Fliesen kaufen... Auch gut!

Liebste Grüße

tiel said...

hello, I am going for one night and day at the end of March. thanks for the photos and links. Hopefully I will get time to discover that shop.