Thursday, December 27, 2007

latest finds

just a few pics/links I want to share with you today.

new studio of Karin Eriksson.

this bead bulb lamp by Hella Jongerius makes me........................nuts!!! I want it.... so badly...........stop me from robbing a bank (found through Debi)

if I don´t end up in prison I´m buying this lamp as well (photograph and home of Camilla Engman)

Thinking a lot about clothing, style & art in the last days and how bringing these together to a good mixture, like Danny Mansmith does so very well

Last but not least, gifts from Graça


Tatjana said...

Danke, für die kleine, inspirierende Rundreise! Werde mir dafür noch einmal extra Zeit nehmen.
Lieber Gruß

Das Musenkind said...

Hier, in diesem herrlichen Studio, wohnen sie sicherlich! Die kleinen inspirierenden Geister, die uns Nachts die Ideen auf den Tisch pusten.

Künstlergrüße von

xt said...

thank you for the fabulous links ,i didn´t no that Karin has flickr!i love her work!thanksskiss and hugs from Portugal and Happy new year!