Thursday, October 18, 2007

handmade is better!

chaos in the studio.... not to say in the whole house. It´s a balancing act to pass the way through without slipping on fabric pieces or stepping into needles lying on the floor. I feel the urge need of order and some neatness and that I must clean the studio before I can continue to create new "viking froeken" and viking . But instead of cleaning the studio I find myself sitting here, writing a new post.... hmmm

I´m in love with Diana Fayts cups, so I´ve ordered some for next year... (MICHAEL don´t read any further!!!! :o) ......obviously I´m in a consuming-handmade-goods-mood. A beautiful brooche from Vera João (I´m a big fan of her work) is also on the way and already arrived has Maxfield, worlds cutest art thieve, made by the gorgeous snoot maker Sweetnellie (Trish Millener). Trishs creations are one of a kind, they have this kind of nostalgia and make me feel living in a good world. Maxfield lived up to his name and stashed that little peep, as he wanted some company on his long journey. Thanks so much Trish!
This site made me smile.
I´d like to watch the Tomi Ungerer film "die drei Raeuber"


shula said...

Good to know that my life is not the only one knee deep in chaos.

And I am a BIG Sweetnellie fan.

BIG fan.

Chaos seems to suit you. That is Some Viking Girl.

Lady Mabel Wingfield said...

Mostly, before good creations,we need chaos. It frees from confine.

The vikins are lovely!

Yours Mabel