Saturday, August 25, 2007

the joy of giving

after a spontaneous trip to the next garden center, we took the way back home through the woods and I fell in love with this landscape... If I should make a list of my favorite animals - which I wouldn´t do, as I love all creatures - but if ... donkeys would be atop (together with sheeps and cats, no question...) Here is one more reason why I love donkeys so much. Pino is "a little donkey who lives with many sheeps and cats and all kind of animals on Apifera farm in Oregon, USA. He has "a heart so big, that people and creatures are drawn to him, calmed by him". Pino also bakes pies and gives it away to make people feel remembered, just for the simple joy of giving and to make another person happy.

That´s the idea behind Pino´s Pies

and this is what Katherine Dunn, Pino´s friend and a great artist says:
"When I first saw the joy our little donkey Pino Blangiforti brought to so many people, I began to share him by taking him on short visits to nearby farm neighbors, and we always arrived with a home baked pie. The artist's goal is to expand this idea by sharing her little donkey Pino, with home made pie, with nursing homes, and others in need of cheer and companionship. Meanwhile, Pino's Pies aims to encourage worldwide participation by encouraging readers and Pino fans to reach out in their own communities, and bake one pie and deliver it to a chosen recipient. We hope to gather pictures from all over the world. "

A brilliant idea! You can do what I did and become a Pino´s Pies Ambassador!

yours, Friederike!


Barb said...

What a wonderful and loving thing to do. Thank you for sharing the idea with us. I think you'd be very good at making Sheep Pie! I plan to check out Pino's pies.

Maria de Jesus said...

It´s great to make someone happy. Good idea for a better world.
A big kiss.

Mlle Smith said...

I love this idea, and even better when coming from a warm fuzzy blue sheep.

I'd really like to do something like this...maybe I can find a place to give to here in France. *S*

Matron said...

Friederike has such charisma and style, she makes me smile! thank you. I think she would make a suitable girlfriend for 'Sean the Sheep' from Wallace and Grommit !