Saturday, August 04, 2007

it is done!

hello friends, this is the first post I´m writing from my new home. We moved into the new house last Saturday, and now after a few days living here, what can I tell you? It´s been the best decision ever. I love to be in the garden, watching the apples falling from the tree and I´m honestly thinking of a living outside - yes would be normal for a sheep... We are preparing now room by room and the first 20 packing cases of about 130 are already unpacked. Life is sweet as my friend Mabel uses to say.... More pics will come, stay tuned.... bye for now
PS: thanks for all your lovely comments on Marie´s drawings. I´m convinced you made her happy and such a great feedback is the best motivation to go on, right?


Mabel said...

Oh my dear friend Friederike! How lovely! This is the right place for you! But one question: Is it really the trues when you are saying: "WE" are preparing the rooms...? Maybe you fib a little?
Therefore my best regards to Sandra and Michael!

Spend a nice weekend in your summergarden and be careful about the apples!

Your fast friend

shula said...

I really am glad.

The light is beautiful.

elisa said...

Your garden looks so nice, enjoy it.
Now you have moved into your new home and garden, the sun is shining in this part of the world :-)

Lots of fun for you.

bogi said...

Yeah, guess mabel is right or your job Friederike! is to direct where the two poor humans have to put the furniture :-D

Die Hohe Dame said...

hey friederike... i love that blue sheep. i wanted you to know i nominated you for a nice matters award! have a great day!

linas traumwerkstatt said...

Ohh, herzlichen Glückwunsch zum neuen Domizil :O)
Der Garten ist wirklich traumhaft.

LG Christina

Sara said...

ich liebe dein neues zuhause! ich bin sicher, du bekommst das haus so schön wie der garten! friederike wird total happy sein!
danke für dein kommentar in mein blog.
alles gute!!

Barb said...

It didn't take Friederike long to spot the apples on the ground. May there always be love, joy and laughter within the walls of your new home sweet home.