Sunday, July 22, 2007

new talent - Marie, 10 years old

Hello friends, only one week left until our move and we are still BUSY BUSY BUSY with the renovation of our new house.

Being a big fan of kid´s art, it was such a pleasure to get mail with original drawings from Marie. I want to share some with you, because I love them and I´m sure you love them too. I think they are not only beautiful but also really special in style and expression.

That´s what Marie says about her drawings (english version below)

"Am liebsten zeichne ich mit Bleistift und Buntstiften Menschen und Tiere. Meine Ideen bekomme ich beim Lesen und Hören von Geschichten oder auch aus meinen Träumen. Z.B. habe ich eine Geschichte gehört aus dem Buch Maria, ihm schmeckt’s nicht“. Da erzählt der Vater vom Krieg, als sich alle Kinder im Keller verstecken mussten und einer spielte auf einer kaputten Geige. Das habe ich dann gemalt, wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Oft zeichne ich auch Abenteuergeschichten von Kindern und Fabeltieren. Töpfern macht mir auch viel Spaß, aber auch da mache ich am liebsten Figuren, keine Vasen oder so was.
Ich bin jetzt 10 Jahre alt und gehe in die 5.te Klasse auf dem Oskar (und hasse Hausaufgaben).
Friederike! finde ich wirklich lustig, vor allem das Video, wo sie mit den Ohren zur Musik wackelt."


"Drawing people and animals with pencils and crayons I love most. My ideas come from reading and listening to stories and from my dreams. For example I´ve read a book entitled "Maria, ihm schmeckt´s nicht". In this book the father tells about the war, when all kids had to hide in the cellar and one of them played the broken violin. I´ve tried to imagine this scene and then drew it. I also draw adventure stories with kids and faboulos creatures. Making pottery I like as well, but only making figures, not vases or stuff like that.
I´m 10 years old and attend the fifth grade at "Oskar", a German grammar school (and I hate doing homework).
Friederike! is really funny, especially the video when she wiggles her ears to the music."

Vielen Dank Marie, dass ich Deine tollen Bilder veröffentlichen durfte! Thank you Marie that you shared your wonderful art works with us!


neta said...

her drawing are amazing, as you wrote they are not only beautiful but unique and very sensitive too.
I really loved who Maria described them.

daniela said...

She is a very special child. her sensibility, and her drawing is so developed for her age! a kiss to Maria :)

Conny said...

Hallo Maria,

maybe you read this mail. I am very impressed by your drawings! You are really a great talent. I think it will be your profession when you are grown-up.

All the best to you,

xt said...

watch out because she is buikding her future ,and it´s going to br famouse!!those drawings worth milions !

illu-mina said...

Maria, Maria- this is very good. I hope you keep up your " work"- you have really got something spesial in your drawings.
And thank you Friederike for showing them to us.
It made me happy on another rainy day in the Norwegian summer.
Love Trinelise

Mirre said...

These drawings are wonderful! Amazing work for a 10-year-old!

bogi said...

Yes, these are amazing drawings! please tell Maria how much I like them. The different textures of the clothes - that's sheer madness :-)

Marie said...

Hi there, Marie (my daughter) asked me to respond to the blog entries submitted so far:
First of all she'd like to mention that her name is Marie, not Maria. She is quite sensible about that ;-).
Secondly she is really happy to see so much interest in her pictures and the great feedbach she got.
She also was quite surprised that even people from Norwas could see her drawings.
Thanks for all your nice comments!!!! Bye - Rolf and Marie

bogi said...

Dear Marie,
I'm really sorry about using the wrong name :-/ All of the others before wrote it wrong, so I did, too.
Hope to see some more of your drawings in any time.
Bogi :-))

Uschi said...

Hallo Marie,

wie wunderschön, du erzählst die Geschichten wirklich noch einmal mit diesen Bildern.
Du hast ein riesengroßes Talent!!

Hallo Sandra,
dankeschön für's zeigen, unglaublich, dass Marie erst zehn ist!!

jessica said...

a talented Maria. love her style. beautiful work.

suana said...

These are absolutely wonderful! So special and lovely, keep at it Maria and thank you Friederike for posting these, just great!

rfg said...

I love those! They are so beautifully done. Thank you for sharing!