Friday, June 15, 2007

"Push yourself out of your comfort zone on a regular basis"

[post by Sandra]

"Push yourself out of your comfort zone on a regular basis"

....with this advice ended a long interview with Keri Smith I read this week

After days of turbulences and several nights of broken sleeps, we made a decision on how to go on. It´s time to make a change. Change can shake up your world for a while.

But now after much head spinning and balancing we are ready to leave our comfort zone - our airy, spacy home that it was for the last 6 years. Writing this I realize that this is not the whole truth, or not anymore. After many doubts and questions, fears, anger and sadness my opinion has changed completely. Better to say: pushing ourself out of our old comfort zone into a new, different and maybe even better one

I feel blessed to overthink and set priorities new

I feel blessed to get the chance for a new start in a new home

I feel blessed to discover living on the country side

I feel blessed to reduce the monthly rent we have to pay

I feel blessed to go on my artist journey although this means a smaller living- and working space

I feel blessed to being forced to let go, let go much of the stuff I horted in the last years and that I don´t really need

I feel blessed of looking from my small studio into a hughe garden with apple and cherry trees, flowers and raspberries (so does Friederike!, looking forward to brooding over new ideas in the shadow of the old apple tree while mowing the grass)......... very soon
Gustav Klimt "Apfelbaum I", 1912


Anonymous said...

I hope everything turns out wonderful for you.
A big hug.
Maria de Jesus

Beate Knappe said...

wow, das hört sich gut an, und haste schon Nachmieter?
Ich wünsche dir, das alles so wunderbar wird, wie du es dir wünschst.

shula said...

One door closes, another opens...

I guess this solves your wisteria problem.

Friederike! said...

the wisteria problem is solved so to say. She was cut off last Friday ... it was a really f...... Friday!

bogi said...

Wish you all the luck!! Your studio will be smaller, so what! Just think about working under apple trees this summer, while your cats are looking for mice :)) Just one of the doors that opened I guess. And if you need help in any way, just give me a call!
A big hug, Bogi.

Friederike! said...

many thanks and danke for your kind words.
@Bogi: beware of what you are offering, I might come back to you... there are a lot of walls that need a new paint ;o)

Anonymous said...

Jede Veränderung bedeutet auch einen Schritt nach vorne zu gehen. Viele neue Eindrücke erwarten Dich und ich bin sicher, das diese dich insperieren werden wieder viele schöne Dinge hervor bringen.

Lieben Gruß

Elizabeth said...

Hello - I'm a bit of a lurker, often turning to your blog for inspiration and a mood lift in my day. Have been a bit worried about you and yours when no post showed for a while. Moving can be stressful (I just moved - again!) and I wish you all the best. I've wanted to send over a little something from Seattle, but am not sure where to send it now. May I use the address on your contact info. from your main website? Hopefully, it will be a little something to lift your spirits (think of it as a hug and a thank you from across the miles). Keep up the great work - you are truly an artistic and personal inspiration!

elisa said...

Stepping out of the comfort zone mostly means more self-confidence in the end. I wish you all the luck and lots of inspiration, and a loving new home. You're going to bake cherrie pie and apple cake soon :-)