Sunday, June 24, 2007

I´ve got a new friend

Loveys, may I introduce Lamb Chop to you?
She came all the long way from Kanada to Cologne. Barb, who is not only a wonderful, creative gardener but also a VERY sweet lady with a cute and "hyperactive" dog called Caspar, had found her in a thrift shop and thought Lamb Chop would make a perfect companion for me. And indeed there wouldn´t have been any better. Take a look at her face, isn´t she a sweety - always smiling... Believe it or not, I´ve learned that Lamb Chop is a famous sheep. She was part of a stage show and a TV show of Shari Lewis

Shari Lewis was a ventriloquist (Bauchredner) and puppeteer, she talked with various puppets and one of them was our smiling sweety "Lamb Chop". You really have to take a look at this youtube video, it´s gorgeous!

Dear Barb, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending me a fellow!


I made some linocuts lately and some prints with it, that are available and can be ordered by email. Fabric colors and patterns vary - a bit of a luck. But if there is a color that you really can´t stand, please drop me a line

3D - wallhanging - king: recycled cardboard, paper (text: "I was a frog", or "you are my king", handmade linocut print on fabric scraps, sewn, stuffed with polyfill.
The king can be removed from the cardboard, it is only fixed with a clip. He has a hanger loop and can be used as whatever you like. Together with the cardboard it also makes a lovely wallhanging. size of king: about 12 cm.

price: 12 Euro + shipping
bye for now. Talk more soon. Yours, Friederike! with Lamb Chop


xt said...


marcisenders said...

I love these!

Die Hohe Dame said...

hey i remember that show! shari lewis show with lamb chop! i have a question for you... i notice your in cologne... do you know of any craft shows here in germany/ i have lived here for two yeras and never knew who to ask... i found your blog from ullabenulla's blog. im over at

Erica said...

Lamb Chop was on TV when my children were small - I think he/she (?) was responsible for my daughter becoming vegetarian :)

Friederike! said...

THANK YOU GRAÇA & marcisenders

@die hohe dame: maybe I´m wrong but I have not heared of craft shows in Germany, not the ones that exis in other countries and that are on a regularly basis and established. Sometimes there are little shows of a few people who come together, find a place and do the whole organization on their own, like this one last year I know there are a few fairs like in Frankfurt, Munich, but that are not the shows you are speaking of, right?
If you ever hear of a German craft show, please tell me.

@erica: good question he or she, hummm would be good to know.

shula said...

Love those little king dudes.

Die Hohe Dame said...

lamb chop was a she... just so you know... and i will let you know if i hear of anything. i would love to do somthing in a craft/art show....
thank you too! for coming to my blog! have a good week and thanx for your info! sheri

Sonya said...

She is just the perfect lamby addition!

samantha said...

I LOVE lambchop - she is one of my favourite child hood memories. I am very jealous that you have your own lamb chop.

Jennifer said...

Such a lovely memory -- seeing Lamp Chop and remembering the beloved Shari Lewis!

yumptatious said...

Ahhh, Lambchop! We didn't have the show in England but they were frequent guests on variety shows here. Thats a beautiful version of Lambchop by the way!
I love the simple packaging for your kings: it works really well.