Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a garden vision

a peep at my brothers garden

Dear friends, do you love peeping into other peoples gardens as much as I do? Always lurking for creative ideas and the "little somethings" that make a garden so special?
I´m not an expert in gardening - not at all, although we have a small garden in our actual home as well, but after 2 years fighting against a sort of weed that devoured almost every plant I ever sticked in the ground, my will and energy was used up. And I accepted that weeds have a right to live as well. By the way I prefer natural and feral gardens anyway, people that cut their grass with nail scissors seem suspect to me.
But I take my hat off to everybody who chooses easily the right plants in the right combinations for the right place.

So I´m enthusiastic with the idea of learning how to crop a garden. I like the thought of creating a space in nature, combining plants and stones and wood, and playing with colors and textures and sounds and smells. Anybody who has an old frayed straw hat for me? ;-)

Some ideas I´ve collected, that I would love to realize:
a herb spiral, a stone garden, drift wood sculptures, a water stone, a wild flower aerea (hmmm they are my favorite dish), a wild grass circle around the old apple tree with a wooden lawn seat under the tree, birds houses in the tree and wind chimes, a swing in the shadow of the old tree, a compost, garden lanterns....... (to be continued)

Some inspirational pictures:
- a garden studio I visited a while ago: Karamulis (scroll down)
- the seaside garden of Green Wellies
- a blue painted garden house

I´m sure you have a lot of ideas and pictures as well, don´t you? You would make a blue sheep very happy if you´d like to share them. Yours Friederike!


Sonya said...

I love your garden photo! I love gardens and gardening. I need to spend more time outside in mine.

shula said...

Alas, I have the World's Tiniest Garden, and it's looking quite sad, as the drought prevented me from doing much with it.

This Spring, perhaps.

If something grows, you'll be the first to know.

Barb said...

Honestly, so much is trial and error and I've founnd that by peeking into neighbours' gardens, asking questions and taking cuttings from their plants has helped me with mine, being new to coastal gardening. The other thing is that I have no desire to compete or keep up with what one should or shouldn't do and decided early on to treat the outdoor space as one large canvas where I can hang what I want, paint the colours that make me happy and enjoy the whole process...I do.
Thank you so much for your reference to my garden...I'll see it through new eyes now.

bogi said...

I've got many herbs in my garden as you already know :) and if you want to have a smelly garden then I want to tell you about "bastijn" a man who is specialized in breeding herbs as rosemary, sage and lavender. I love the pic of your brothers garden, many echinacea. I bought an orange one this year at "bastijn". It's lovely and if the sun will shine again, I'll take a picture ;)We could visit the breeder together if you want to.
Bogi :-*

bogi said...

My dear blue sheep,
I posted my orange Echinacea on my blog. Hope you will like it!
hugs, Bogi.

Uschi said...

I tried it, I tried it for several years, always being late, meaning the snakes had munched away everything and jinxed herbs grew everywhere.....after moving last year I'm in concurrence with Shula concerning the tiniest garden (perhaps 80qm) and I finally am sure, that I will be able to manage this!