Thursday, February 01, 2007

fatal accident

[post by Sandra] sad news today....
After the tremendous success of Friederike! Vol.1, "herzensart productions" decided to film a sequel, called Friederike! Vol.2. Thereby the incredible accident happend: Friederike! was just about to dance the first Tango steps, when suddenly she twisted her right ankel (mit dem rechten Fuß umgeknickt). With a view to help her, I tried to grab her, but the only thing I could get was her tail and then it happened - Friederike! fell and I was standing there with her tail in my hand. Friederike! fainted and I was fighting hard not to faint too.

The doctor came and stitched the tail on again and dressed the wound.
Right now she is vigil comatose (Wachkoma)
Poor girl, pray with me that she wakes up very soon again.

After this shocking news, some good news at the end. Coxi released his brandnew "Life fever", a blog dealing with fashion and design, art, architecture and craft. Don´t miss to visit!
So long for today, your guilty feeling, Sandra


Steven Spielberg said...

Heaven what a sheep! How charming, talented and brilliant! Nobody, I repeat NOBODY is better in creating a drama than you, lovely Friederike!

You inspired my soul for a new movie:
"And every morning greets the sheep."

Friederike! stand up, I count on you! See you!

Yours faithfully

bogi said...

Can't say anything else, but get well soon!

Beate said...

oh, I know how a twisted ankel hurts. It was happened to me long time ago in New Orleans, and I hit the stairs. Thanks Good I do not have a tail.
Get well soon - Friderike!!!goljpd

Friederike! said...

@Steven: HI Steven, what a honor - you on my blog. Wow! I will accept your offer on condition that you give me the star role. But first I have to win the "Germanys next top model contest", ok? Bye bye Steve, see you later alligator

@bogi: thank you very much Bogi. I´m already feeling a little bit better. As a professional sheep I can´t ail for too long.

@beate: thank you Beate! You are right! Thank god you have no tail! :)

jessica said...

poor little tail,
looks like well mended,
will be fine.

Barb said...

Friederike you must get up. I know in show business, they say, "Break a leg," for good luck, just before an actor goes on stage, but in this case it was your tail and you took it too literally. Your fans are waiting for your next movie. The Academy Awards are just around the corner and I think you could win, so PLEASE get up off of the floor!

Kenneth Branagh said...

Dear Friederike!

I am very pleased finding you and wish you all the best.
To cut a long story short: Almost 15 years after the major success of Peter's Friends I'm planning a follower named Peter's Estate - you may remember the beautiful green environment-. As your charm and that obvious natural talent are incredible, I would like meeting you to discuss a major role.
Hope to speak to you soon.

Wim Wenders said...

My dear admired blue sheep,

please >I beg you< don't even listen to Steven nor Kenneth.

I am the right man for your further career. To go more in details: I'm just planing sort of an continuance of "Wings of Desire" and unlike this the second part will play at Cologne instead of Berlin and with animals in major roles, dedicated to George Orwell.

You are - and for this I am sure - the perfect character role!

Great, I found you, my dear adored girl!

I will contact you by phone these days.

Love, Wim.

ps: now some very good esthetic surgery

Coppola said...


would like you to be main character in "the Godsheep".
Spoke with my nephew Nick, got his ok to play the antagonist if you join in the project.
Francis Ford

Friederike! said...

@Jessica: thank you so much for honestly feeling with me. I´m doing a little bit better now

@barb: dear barb, your words were so encouraging. So I got up and now I´m thinking of which outfit especially hat I could wear for the Award celebration. Thank you!

@Kenneth, Wim and Francis:
I see you are very talented to separate the wheat from the chaff. Thank you so much for your faith in me. I´m sure I will exceed your expectations :)

@René: there´s much talent in you! :)

shula said...

Remember Friederike!, the show must go on.

Nice to see you getting so much interest from high profile movie directors.

Florence said...

Friederike, with so many well wishes you're sure to be feeling better. let me add my own special wish for your tail to heal swifty.


Sonya said...

Friederike, I am so heartened to hear of your recovery, just when I found you and your blog - tragedy! Remember, to apply lots of lanolin to prevent lasting scars. I know it might be longer for the emotional ones to heal. Rest and be well.

Friederike! said...

many thanks to you dear Shula, Florence and Sonya. This accident doesn´t get me down, I will keep my tail up :)