Tuesday, January 23, 2007

want to watch it?

only a few seconds short, but that´s a start, or what do you think? ;)
I´m still waiting..... waiting...... waiting..... for the official o.k. from ARTE TV, that allows me to publish the videostream. But in the meantime you can watch it by clicking the link below, you have to go the last 30 seconds :) of the stream and et voilá....
--->LINK<--- (you need Real Player to watch it)

yours, Friederike! (you wonder about my outfit? NO, it´s not a sign for beginning airs and graces, I was just in the mood....)


Charis said...

Na, das ist aber mal wirklich ein very chic Schaf! Liebe Grüße, Charis :-))

shula said...

Can't get the link to work.

And I was So excited...

bogi said...

I saw it yesterday :)
Yes, short but very, very good!!
And they said, you took their hearts by storm: congrats and go on just like this :D
xox Bogi.

Lady Mabel Wingfield said...

Liebe Freundin Friederike!,

bezaubernd, einfach bezaubernd, Dein "erster" TV-Auftritt!
Diese Sternstunde kann nichts anders sein als der Beginn einer großen Karriere.
Und ich darf mich Deine Freundin nennen, das ist wunderbar.

Deine Mabel

pagegalaxy said...

Kurz - fast zu kurz - aber z. B. Norma Jeane Baker hat auch mal klein angefangen, und wir wissen ja was aus ihr geworden ist.
Ein toller Auftakt für dieses Jahr!

Yours Ingo

Florence said...

Yes Friederike is a trendy Blue ;)

very cool!


Bobby said...

Friederike is beautiful!