Thursday, January 18, 2007

waiting for the storm

hurrican warning for today, we are expecting the worst hurrican since years. It´s already very windy and I hope the trees in front of the house have strong roots... 
The storm will reach Cologne in about 2-3 hours

Therefore I have to stay inside, spend my time with too much coffee and too much chocolate. 
Maybe that´s the reason why doll no.8 and viking no.5 came out a bit let´s say overweight, I don´t want to use the bad f.. word. 

interesting artwork by:

Marina Dempster
Clarina Bezzola

So long for today,
Yours Friederike!


hippyxic said...

I LOVE this doll nº8!!***...take care !! ;)

shula said...

Just goes to show...

F.. CAN be beautiful.

sanda said...

Like your work!

valérie said...

c'est superbe,j'aime bcp tes créations.