Monday, January 08, 2007


into the future
5 good things that happened since the last post:
1. touchy Victoria who did her job (btw. didn´t her job) for the last one and a half year will be replaced by a new Pfaff sewing machine in the next days. It´s hard that we have to break up with her, but she suffered a bit too often from PMS. So sorry, Victoria!
2. selling record on friday: 4 pieces in only one hour, all going to USA. Thank you so much Stephanie and Wendy. One could say the dolls are nearly sold out, only doll no.1 is left in the shop. So we know what we have to do as soon Pfaff moves into our studio :)
3. another fantastic Kiki Smith book arrived
4. I visited the Guggenheim exhibition in Bonn
5. new addiction: happy-hormone-kicks through trampoline jumping, jumping, jumping....!
So long for today, yours Friederike!
P.S: Check out these dreamy photographs by Sam Lamb


shula said...

looking forward to your new creations.

Barb said...

I just want you to know that I skipped over the two top photos to read your post, had taken a mouthful of tea, saw that it was Friederike jumping on the trampoline and spit tea all over myself when I laughed out loud! This isn't the first time that's happened, so one of my resolutions must be to leave the cup in the kitchen! Must go change my shirt...

helle jorgensen said...

Love the trampoline photos...... Friederike has good muscle tone.
Thanks for introducing me to Kiki Smith.

Stephanie said...

You're welcome! Thanks for making them. I'm really glad I got the dolls as I had my eyes on them for some I just can't wait to get them.

Keep up the great work.

If you don't mind - I'll show the dolls off on my blog when I get them. I really believe in supporting indie artists like yourself.

Micha said...

Hi Baby,
now you have to jump every day as much as I am riding the bycicle