Friday, December 15, 2006

an early Christmas gift

Hello friends,
so much to do in these last days before Christmas, until now there wasn´t even time for Christmas Shopping . So obviously it all ends in a last minute shopping, how I hate that!

We got an early Christmas gift from Sara. We made a swap and she sent us her beautiful "little keepers of the garden" and a wonderful brooch (we still have to work it out who of the two of us may wear it on Christmas evening). Saras works are so full of details, that you only recognize if you hold the piece in your hands and have a close look.

Sara the following pics are for you, so you can see where the little keepers live now.

Thank you so much!
New finds on the web:
Swiss artist couple: Gerda Steininger and Joerg Lenzlinger (found through Ullabenulla)
xox Friederike! and Sandra


risa said...

oh friederike! i just love your house. will you show us more photos? please!

Sara said...

ich bin hingerissen von deinem haus und von wo du die sachen gegeben hast! danke, dass sie so einen ehrenplatz bekommen haben!

Barb said...

I'm just sitting here giving my head a shake, thinking that I've missed out on knowing you had this blog...I always went to your shop one. I'm thrilled about this and will add it to the links on my blog. Your house, your art and your outlook on life are so inspiring!

Bobby said...

Beautiful colours! I had a beautiful cottage a little while ago... the vibrancy filled me with pleasure.