Tuesday, November 07, 2006

textile experiments

yesterday I grabed two old paintings, that never had been finished... there are many of these unfinished things to find here, that I haven´t touched again since the moment they moved away into the corner. But these two paintings are different, they are spinning through my mind from time to time. The reason for this are the two figures I painted on it. One figure is a girl (the once above), the second is a boy. They are identical except for the hair. The title of the paintings (if they ever should be finished) should be"zwei Koenigskinder" (the two king´s children) after Grimm´s fairy tales. I loved the thougt to make little sculptures out of them. The first try to transfer them into 3D is making small textile sculptures out of them. You see the very first try above.
Love, Friederike!


shula said...

Beautiful, what is the fabric? Looks like leather or vinyl. And how did you transfer?

So many questions.

What an interesting idea.

henrike said...

ich wuerde auch gern wissen wie du das motiv auf den stoff uebertraegst.

freundlich grueßt