Friday, October 06, 2006

thank god it´s friday!

how would you expect a week to become if it starts with this scenario:

Monday morning - you get up early (it´s still dark outside) and the first greeting of the day is that you step with your still bed-warm hooves into cold cat barf.

Yes, I had the same thoughts, that probably you would have had too:

As already expected it became even worse on tuesday.
Victoria, only 1 year and 3 months old decided not to be happy with her job anymore and that she urgently needs a rest, while you are working on a series of new objects that have to be finished on friday. On wednesday the sewing-machine-doctor dashes your hope that Victoria would ever be herself again.

Thursday: you get the urge of "if I can´t sew, I have to paint the walls in room xy in green" and drive to the home improvement store. You discover the perfect green at once. Unfortunately you made the mistake not to drive alone, you asked two sheep friends to come with you. These sheeps tell you that your "perfect green" wouldn´t be perfect at all, so you trust their intuition and buy their "perfect green". I´m sure I don´t have to tell you more, think of the worst you can imagine and you´ve got it. (Always trust your intuition as you always get in trouble if you don´t!)

Slowly but surely I have the dim feeling, that this is one of the regularly occurring "it´s not my week - weeks"

Thank god it´s Friday!

Friends, I wish you a perfect weekend!
Sheepkisses, Friederike!

ADDENDUM: was it really me who said, "thank god it´s friday"? How could I hope that this day would be better than any other of the week? Look at this picture, which was sent to me together with a nice email. The name of this beautiful fellow is: LUISE. But look at her hooves! Oh brutal world!


tonja_raeubertochter said...

i know this kind of weeks very well. and always you think it can't get worse but it CAN! But the best is: when it's weekend finally, the chaos is over.

enjou your weekend! I'm looking forward to the brunch next weekend!

c ya

Barb said...

I guess weeks like the one you just had is the reason the phrase, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY, came about in the first place. And...we all certainly have weeks like that. In fact, I just had one myself!

Lady Mabel Wingfield said...

It´s not our day,
it´s not our week,
maybe it´s not our life in the moment?

Better days will come!

Yours best friend

natasha said...

i step in cat puke on a regular basis. ew.

shula said...

when life really gets you down, consider this:

At least you don't have planks nailed to your feet.