Sunday, October 08, 2006

sunday morning light

taking pictures, while the morning light in the rooms changes every 5 minutes. I´m waiting that "the boys" get up and arrange it among themselves who drives to the bakery today :-)

In the last weeks,
herzensart was mentioned at the following blogs: lifever, Annika Sandin and Camilla Engman . Thank you!

Latest finds on the internet:
Cody Thompson Dolls
Tropfnass Collection via decor8

sunny sunday,


XT moveis e acessorios artesanais said...

you have a nice house, and with colour!! you can put your house on the contest of apartment therapy!

bakery ...hummmm i love fresh bread!!

have a god sunday



XT moveis e acessorios artesanais said...

oh, and fantastic dolls you find!!

shula said...

Hey Friederike!

How gorgeous are Cody's dolls?

Nice find, though I would expect nothing less from you.

Being a beautiful blue sheep, with a sharp eye for the individual.

Beate said...

Hallo Frederike, mein zweiter Name ist auch Frederike, by the way :-), kannst du nicht mal bei mir vorbeikommen und so eine wunderschöne Stimmung und vor allem Ordnung zaubern? Meien Wohnung hat es dringend nötig, danke!!!