Friday, September 01, 2006

everything Australia

three of these four new characters, ready for packing, will start their journey to the art toy exhibition Morphe II in Adelaide, Australia this weekend. Two dream guardians plus one Mana, or two Manas plus one guardian, we will see. They hopfully arrive safe and sound. Btw. does anybody know the tarrif regulations for Australia?
The fourth guardian or Mana will move into the shop and be available.

Fortunately the postcards came from the print shop today, right in time. A few of them will also do the long journey. I´m happy they turned out quite well. I´m not vain at all, but do you see the portrait card of me? Maybe I´ll use it for autographs.

Shula an Australian artist (yes I wrote about her before), awoke my housesheep qualities... I´ve baked the first cake of my life and it turned out, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You have to try her Honey Almond Cake *doesn´t that sound sweeeeeet?*, it´s absolutely worth it (every gramme that will settle down on your hip, the moment you only think of honey almond cake) here is her recipe.

That´s all for today. Wish you a happy weekened, my friends! Kisses, Friederike!


tonja_raeubertochter said...

Dear Friederike!

I wish you and Sandra good luck for the exhibition and that the dream gardians and the manas will arrive safe.

The postcards look very good! Great idea!

I want an autograph of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!
And Ingo sais that the card with the little black wolf-dog is really nice!

Trish said...

The postcards look great!

Trish said...

The postcards look great!

abbyjane said...

Your soft toys look just beautiful and I know everyone who attends Morphe will love them. And your postcards are great! So inspiring. Thanks.

Friederike! said...

@tonja_raebertochter, I think I´ve seen you before ;-) Ohhh, you want an autograph of me :-) ok, you get one when you visit me next time and Ingo has to have the dog card ;-)

@trish and abbyjane: thank you very much :-)

Shula said...

hmmmmm, I need to get off my bum and make some postcards.

So very pleased about the cake.

bogi said...

Wow! The postcards look really great!!! I love your portrait and must have an autograph aswell ;))
The dog is my fav, too - no! you don't really wonder now... *hehehehe*
I wish you and Sandra all the best and surely the guardians and manas will arrive safely.
And btw. NOW I'm really hungry, thanks for that :-/
I WANT CAKE!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice weekend toom you cude blue sheep ;o)

bogi said...

damned! Mana is already sold ;(

risa said...

i want an autograph!!! you know it will be wort a ton one day. :)

julie said...

Oh the cards are great as are the dolls all lined up!!

natasha said...

is it possible to get some of the postcards? also, are the sheep available? i love them.