Thursday, August 03, 2006

winds of change (2)

(a post by Sandra) I borrowed the title from Friederike´s last post, as it expresses the feelings I have today. After a few days of standstill, I know changes are on the way. It´s not for the first time that I have 2-3 days full of selfdoubts and questioning each and everything, but most of all questioning my art work. This back and forth comes in waves. It´s like low tide and flood.

I had a discussion regarding wholesales prices for my pieces. After this talk I felt very bad because the prices I would have to give to shops buying my works, I can´t give. The other side of selling my works through shops would mean "massproduction" for me.
So this discussion set the ball rolling. I feel I have to make a decision in which direction I want to go on my artist way. It´s only one year ago, I started "herzensart". It was born out of a very playful phase of my life. I wanted to try new things, my inner child was stronger than ever and I loved to play with colors (I even painted a wall of my studio pink). My art became "childish" in a way. Don´t get me wrong, I love all the stuffed, colorful creatures that were born through playing and experimenting. But...... there´s my inner voice which pipes up perseverative to tell me "hey, what about your other side, the one which is more serious, more silent, spiritual, the one which wants to be recognized as a serious artist?"
Maybe there is a way to connect these two sides which are in me and bring it together in my works. My "art toys" (I don´t like this word and I´m still searching for a word that fits better for me) evolve to something more "grown up". I love the spiritual aura and meaning of my dream guardians. I have a clue of being on the right path ....

winds of change.... Love, Sandra
thanks for reading ;-)


Sofia Barao said...

I know exactly how you're feeling because I do feel the same right now I'm heading somewhere with my art, I'm happy with it but now I feel like stuck somehow and the worst is that I don't know how to explain it.
Wish you all the best for your future art.

anja said...

dear sandra,

your are such a creative woman! don't mind if you have to be serious or "childish" or grown up or playful... be everything! that's the answer!

by the way: your soft-art-creatures are'nt "childish" in my opinion!

liebe grüße aus bonn

Friederike! said...

thank you so much Sofia and Anja!!!

craftychamploo said...

I wish you well Sandra. I know it sounds cliche but your heart will tell you what to do :)

Ingo Nieschalke said...

"Kunst ist frei" - und Du kannst nur weiter Kunst machen, wenn Du dich von den Gedanken frei machst, wie Deine Kunst in der Gesellschaft angenommen wird. Ich denke nicht, dass Du dich entscheiden musst, welche art von Kunst Du machen möchtest.

Hier noch ein Zitat von Kurt Weidemann: "Kunst ist schwach, wenn sie auf Fürsprecher und Widersprecher angewiesen ist. sie ist unabhängig von Wenn und Aber, Ja und Nein, Vielleicht und Jain."

PS: Can't say it in english - sorry.

Friederike! said...

thank you Tiffanie for your kind words!

Vielen Dank Ingo für Deine Gedanken und das Zitat!

Shula said...

I go through an artistic crisis every few weeks. Usually comes from trying to marry the purely creative with some sense of commercial viability. Fact is, the two don't match. My best work takes a long time to produce, and textiles are so undervalued, no one would pay what they would be worth parting with for.

My advice is, stay true to yourself. You would do better to waitress and do good work, than compromise the work's integrity to make it cheaper.

Of all the textile work on the Net, yours is my favourite, the most loving, the sweetest, the most spiritual and the most honest, really.

Interesting to hear that you have these creative breakdowns, like the rest of us. It doesn't show in your work. I had such a big one yesterday, I thought I would never recover. Usually means I'm worried about something else, which I am.

Remember, they always pass.

Your dream guardians are mighty powerful little dudes, but I'll tell you about that some other time.

Judi said...

Hello Sandra,
your work is truly inspirational. I discovered your site after my friend Shula adopted your dream guardians(which I greatly covet)
In regards to the name for your 'art toys' how about 'soft sculptures' or 'soft creature sculptures'Are you intending to make any more guardians? Best wishes for your future art

Friederike! said...

Hello Judi,
thank you for your compliment on my work and your suggestions :-).
Yes, i also thought of "soft sculptures", "textile objects", etc. I´m recunstructing my website right now and with the "relaunch" I will also rename my works.
There will be new guardians, I´m working on it. Three of them will be shown in "Morphe II" an art toy exhibition in South Australia (I guess you´ve heard of this show, as Shula/Mym will also participate). All new works will be displayed on my website, hopefully soon :-)

Cheers, Sandra

Judi said...

Your most welcome and I look forward to seeing the 3 new guardians in Morphe II.I wish i could read German to fully understand your website.... I also forgot to add .. no underpants!