Friday, August 11, 2006

digging in the dirt

is so much fun!
We found a sort of clay that doesn´t need to be baked. It dries with air and should then become very solid
. We wondered why it was so hard, much water was needed to make it more soft. If you ever have worked with air-drying-clay, we´d love to hear which experiences you have made. Does someone know if it can be baked in the oven?
Modeling clay is part of the working process of one new creation..... please cross your fingers that it comes out good.

Doll no.6 arrived in San Franciso. Xenia told us, she´s well and feels comfortable in her new home. Hope she will recover soon from her jet lag. Yes, you´re right, she has a strong similarity with doll no.3. It´s because, they are twins..... The only twins we have!

Guardian no.9 will soon take off to Arlington, USA. Thank you!

Take a look at the work of Illustrator Martin Haake

bye for now, Friederike!


bogi said...

It's great that you keep on working and by that you are inspiration to me!
About the post winds of change (2)
Listen to your heart, Sandra. Your work is wonderfull and your "softies" are honest art, no toys. They have souls in their little bodies. And I know what I'm talking about, because I look after a little black dog with a grin as you know ;o)
I know it's hard and I try to keep on being an artist, too.
I wish you strength, power and success.

ina said...

Hi: )

About the clay, it looks like teracote to me and yes, you can bake it in the owen after shadebathing it for getting it dry.

(Never dry it in full sun, it might form rimosities.)

When you bake it in the owen the little sand pieces in the clay melt and that gives body and a little more resistance to your object. You should bake it at a medium temperature for less than half an hour for a piece that can fit in your hand.

Oh, and it looks like you'ree using too much water on it, press and roll it like when you make cookies or bread, and it should create an uniforme mass and be easier to work with.

ps. Your softies are deliciously smart and fun!

coxi said...

i love this two photos!

Friederike! said...

thank you very much Bogi, for your kind words, they mean very much to me!
@ina: I dried two pieces of clay in the oven and it worked. Thank you! Yes, you´re right I took a lot of water. The clay was so hard and dry, maybe an old piece...
I´m not sure if clay is "my material" ;-)