Monday, July 24, 2006

summer in the city

Hello friends, I´m back... and it´s still hot! hot! hot! in town. There´s a lot I have to do this week, so only a short post for today...

Do you remember when I told you I would love to own a mobile gallery?
Here is one. "The little league" is a mobile shop - a showcase for handmade silkscreenprints and fashion, to designertoys and books. Isn´t that cool?

This dog I made as a birthday gift for a friend of mine . Bogi is a very talented photographer and painter. Also check out her flickr album.

and one more link: I love kunstkaufhaus Ost

It´s 2p.m. and I really have to start working now.... :-)

CU later,



craftychamploo said...

Hope you had a wonderful vacation and that you are well rested!!

bogi said...

Hi Friederike! and Sandra ;)
Thank you so much for beeing with me last saturday!
I'm happy to accommodate three dogs now.
See you soon

Dale Smith said...

I am the lucky owner of Sleep Guardian #3 (the one with the feather). He is beautifully made and just looking at him makes me want to crawl under the covers:)

bogi said...

Dale, you lucky one ;)
Yesterday I just saw that my favourit Dream-Guardian is already sold...