Thursday, July 13, 2006

creative spirit

dream guardians at night

Good morning, it´s half past eight and I´m thinking of all the annoying things must be done today. As Sandra´s giving a party on Saturday, I have to come to the aid of her. The grass has to be mowed, (ok that´s no problem for me...), the terrace to be cleaned and the windows also, (that IS a problem for me).

But let´s talk of nicer things on this early morning: I´m a sheep who would love to live in an artist community. The former times with artist communes and artist cafe´s would have been perfect for me. But I also appreciate the possibilities of the internet today.
I love art projects like: the
box doodle Project , Mail art or 1000 Journals . People from allover the world, who never met before are communicating, exchanging ideas, or even their art works. This creates an enormous creative spirit which is so inspiring! I also love to talk to you, my dear readers. I´ve met so many fantastic people through my blog and my picture album on flickr. Some of you have even become friends and maybe some I will meet one day, although we live in different countries.

Today my sewing machine is one year old!

There are 3 new guardians available, you can visit them on my
website or in my etsy shop

Have a sunny day!
Sheepkisses, Friederike!


craftychamploo said...

I received my BEAUTIFUL cards today!! Thank you sooo much. They are absolutely incredible. I will post it on my blog tomorrow :) Gorgeous photos of the Dream Guardians!!

Friederike! said...

ohhh, wonderful that you liked the card :-)

bogi said...

they are so beautiful, I am very impressed, really.

AnJaka said...

Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection

Linda said...

Your dream guardians are incredibly wonderful. My son has something similar that he has dubbed his "bad dream catcher". :)