Saturday, July 01, 2006

and the winner is....

first of a all a hughe


for your kind participation! You´ve sent me soooooooooooo many names I loved at once and thought well, yes that sounds like a perfect name for our cutie.
Here is the list of all suggestions that you left either on my blog or on Flickr

It was not easy at all to make a decision. Believe me I had really hard times with sleepless nights, staring at the list and hoove biting. But as you know, only one can win the card!

So the Oscar, ehhhhhh card goes to Crafty Champloo for this wonderful

name and story:

"Nymms the Peaceful Warrior"

"he makes wool blankets from his own hair and throws them on his enemies - it's like wrapping them in a warm hug....."

Isn´t that a lovely idea? CONGRATULATIONS Crafty Champloo!!!!

Look, how proud our sweedie is

Surprise, surprise: for your enormous response and creativity I want to thank you all with a little reward. For those of you who didn´t make it I have a tiny consolation prize. Please send your address to and I´ll send it via snail mail.

Sheepkisses, Friederike!


craftychamploo said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe I won! Thank you so much. Be well Nymms the Peacful Warrior!!!

Shell said...

A great choice! Congrats craftychamploo - it is a wonderful story to go with an equally great name. A little critter like that deserves only the best! =)

Del4yo said...

It's such a cute name!I'm not jealous at all, I love it :)

stripedsocks19 said...

Great choice, perfect for your little guy! -Jessica

Julie said...

Hi, your dolls are beautiful and original!! Found you thru Moopy & me!!

Dale Smith said...

He was born to have this name! It's perfect.

Friederike! said...

@all that participated in the contest: don´t forget to send me your address for the little reward. Thanks!

Maria Antunes said...

Lovely! Hugs and kisses for Nymms.