Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rezepte gegen die Langeweile / the mentos - Cola light - experiment / mentos the freshmaker

bei diesem Post hatte ich echte Schwierigkeiten mich für einen Titel zu entscheiden

man nehme / all you need is

  • 1,5-2 liter Cola light
  • 4-5 mentos

    Mentos schnell hintereinander in die Flasche befördern und dann in Deckung gehen. Drop the mentos into the bottle and then run for cover :-)

hier seht Ihr das Experiment in Bestform (dafür üben wir noch) Check out the experiment in its extremest form. click here

The news:

"not a monkey" is available here

honeybunny no.8 found a new home in Seattle, he left us today.

cu soon, Friederike! (going to buy some bottles Cola light)


gracia said...

Your creations are wonderful... I'll have to fully explore the rest of your blog... glad to have stumbled into your little world.
cheers, gracia

Friederike! said...

hello gracia, nice to meet you :-)
Cheers, Friederike!