Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SPT - Self Portrait Tuesday - time

SPT-theme for March: documentation of time.
I made the pictures before reading the whole instruction for this month challenge *s..t!*
So I didn´t get that we should take pictures every day of a week and post the images at the end of the week. But I wanted to post this image anyway.
A great book I had ordered arrived today by mail: Eva Hesse, a catalogue of her exhibition in Wiesbaden 2002. I can´t remember having ever heared of Eva Hesse before reading about her in Keri´s Blog. I became intrigued about Eva Hesse and I looked for more information about this extraordinary artist, who died at the age of only 34.


Michael said...

In the "documentation of time" picture you can see 3 of Sandras 276 pairs of shoes..... :-)

Michael (who has one eighth of the cloth cabinet and is happy with it) said...

but , unfortunately, every evening before going out she can't find the ones fitting to the clothes she also doesn't have

Anonymous said...

I love the red shoes in the middle :o)